Friday, May 15, 2009

Oh thank heavens it's Friday!

Hi everyone! I wanted to show you a card I made for Nala, but first a little story. Nala's 11yo brother casually announced to his friends that it was her bday. Three of his classmates put together a card (basically a notebook paper colored with highlighter pens) and $5 for Jay to give to her. I just had to share a part of it:

It says (verbatim):
Roses are red
Violets are blue
Your the birthday girl
and I care about you
Did I mention that all 3 friends of his were boys?!?! I know they meant it as a sweet gesture, but omword, DH's reaction was so funny. I saw him turn pale when he read it. ;)
Here is our now 8yo Nala as she was leaving for school yesterday morning:
We focus on "It's what's inside and how you treat others that counts" in our household, but now I realize why DH is going bald. LOL! Okay, so on to my card that I made for her:
The sentiment on the inside reads Happy Birthday wishes, as this girl seems to be having a dreamy thought while looking out her window. I'm not going to reveal any more details because I would love to hear your comments first! -->The final letter of the week (and word) is "W." <-- You can email me at with the entire word in the subject line. (If you are just now joining in on the fun, scroll down for the other 4 letters that was posted every day this week.) Okay, now go and have yourself a perfect Friday! *Love and Aloha*


jennyv said...

Pretty card, gosh your daughter looks beautiful. I bet she got it from you. My how time flies. I love that window cut and the cute image of the girl. You did a great job with the card.Have a great weekend.


Melissa Craig said...

The card is just beautiful Joni. I love that girl! Who is she?? TDS maybe?

That picture of Nala is gorgeous! That's one to blow-up and frame. I can see why Brown is balding and Jay is loading up his arsenal. Haha!

Rachel said...

Good thing she has Brothers!!!!!!! She is gorgeous!

Love *both* of the Cards! :)

CRYSTAL said...

That is the cutest card that you made....I love the window look.... Absolutely FAB!!! Your Nala is gor-juss just like her MOM....

Tammy said...

Joni...this card is super cute. I love how you added the window and curtin.
Love the colors and how you used the pop dots.
Great Job.

A big HAPPY BIRTHDAY shout out to NALA!!!

PaperCrafty said...

Great card~love how you made the window!!!

Too funny about Brown!

Swedie said...

What a nice thing for those boys to do!


Scrubbysue said...

What a nice thing to do for her and surprisingly, as you mentioned, to be done by boys. That's impressive. I love the card you made for her also. It looks just like her and is so cute! Happy Birthday to Nala.

Anonymous said...

Joni your card is sweet-a-licous!! And your daughter is gorgeous!
Happy Birthday NALA!!

Tracy.H said...

Judging from that photo? You are in trouble Mom and Dad! What a beautiful girl you have there!! :0)

Your card is beautiful too!

Wendy said...

A mama robin built a nest in our bathroom window! Outside of course. :) She has 4 babies in there now. We check on them every day. It's really fun to watch them. Your card is super cute! It definately makes me think of the robin. :)

Jessica G. said...

What a sweet card and sweet DD, too! We have an 8 yo daughter with several friends who just happen to be boys, so her daddy can relate to your DH -- they turn into such wonderful protective pappa bears, don't they?? A very happy belated birthday to Nala!

Heather said...

Hi Joni,

I have missed so many posts and commenting on them, but I want you to know that I really love your creations I went back and saw everything you are so so talented and man girl every time you leave me a comment you just make my day you leave the best comments!!!

Your daughter is totally gorgeous and I think all of your children are in those side pictures!!!

Wonderful card too I love those colors and papers and the coloring and how perfect for this occasion!!!

Awesomeness Joni!!!


Anonymous said...