Wednesday, January 28, 2009

What's Going On? Wednesday/ TGF Q#3

SNOW! That's what's going on here. For many of you, this is a common sight. Here in VA, it was our first snowfall of the season and so pretty to wake up to. The kiddos were already off from school for teacher's workday, and this is what the back of our housing area looked like before they ran amuck. :D Since school is cancelled for today, you can bet that we'll be out back again.
Todays is our What's Going On Wednesday where we take a break from crafting (ack!) and post what is happening on our end. I would LOVE to hear about challenges (link them here too!), blog candy, ongoing projects, etc.

A couple of days ago I received 3 fun blog awards from the fabby Gabby, thanks so much my friend! If you haven't visited her blog, it is soooo cool. Her work is amazing and so meticulously done. I also received one from the sweet Gramrussell as well, thank you!!!
In compliance with the award rules, I need to list 5 addictions that I currently have (they're all legal, don't worry) as well as pass it on to 5 fellow bloggers.
My 5 must haves:
1) bargain shopping
2) Oregan chai tea
3) adidas shoes
4) patterned paper
5) balance in life

And My 5 fellow bloggers that I am passing this on to (this was tough as there are so many great bloggers out there!):
1) Lisa for her incredible cards and talent, and for giving me my inspiration for this Friday's blog entry
2) Becky for her beautiful coloring skills and cards, and of course Hercules ;)
3) Anjou - another VA stamper who I actually met in person! Wonderful cards Anjou!
4) Felicia for a fellow military wife, her cards and altered items, love of re-purposing furniture, and the incredible story of her son Luis and his friend Jory
5) Jessica for her crazy sense of humor, down to earth personality and ROCKING stamp line!
So...what's going on your end?
Have a great day everyone!
*Love and Aloha*
TGF Question #3:
How is Marie's Design Team categorized?


laos348 said...

It's snowing here at my end too. And the kids are out of school for the day. One of my daughters friends told her to get a snow day, you have to wear your pajamas backwards. Well she did and when she woke up her first words were...Did it work?

Sheri Gilson said...

I am trying to get over a bad cold and need to get back in my craftroom so I can get my Valentine cards done and finish re-organizing my room.

Gabby said...

Joni CRACK ME UP!!! You're one nutty friend (in a good way) I'm so happy to have!

I'm loving the look of snow...but I think I'm too much of a wimp to even withstand it! Last night we were at 45 I believe...and I was bundled up in 2 thick blankets! Yeah...WUSSSS! I would buckle under pressure in

Melissa Craig said...

I love that picture Joni! Beautiful!!

Alfredo Gallardo said...

I wish we had snow here in southern california.

Congrats on your award, and guess what, I got another one for you.

There She Goes Clear Stamps said...

Thanks Joni! I am crazy but down to earth too. Talk about hitting the nail on the head :)

Becky said...

Thank you so much Joni for the award:), I am sorry I did not see this, I received it before I came by here :) Thank you for keeping me in prayer, your a peach.

Lisa Phillippi said...

Thanks so much! I don't know what to say-but I feel so special....mybe I should buy a lottery ticket -seems like today is my lucky day!

Anjou Krelovich said...

Thank you so much Joni! I'm honored and excited by the award. You're a sweetheart!