Thursday, February 12, 2009

DD's Vday project - due Thursday, not Friday...ack!

Remember DD's project that we thought wasn't due until Friday? Well, it's due today. And so last night we spent a couple of hours getting it done.
Project #1: They are doing a V-day card exchange in her class. While I was at the dollar store I called home to see what type of cheesy character set of V-day cards she wanted. She didn't. She wanted to make her own cards. No problem.
Project #2: She had to design a holder that had an opening for the cards to drop in easily. The top 5 original ideas will win a special treat (meaning another lollipop probably). She said, "Everyone's doing those mailboxes mom, I want to come up with something different." Fine. Except that we read the due date wrong.
The results: I used TGF's digital unicorn that is so cute and user friendly. I ran off 21 images on the computer and printed them out on cs. What a time saver! Then she colored them all to match her classmates' first. We had to urge her to just color them quickly as it was approaching bedtime. We cut the unicorns out with a scalloped punch and then mounted them on scrap cs cut to make 3x3s.

Here's what she chose for her altered Valentine card holder. Interesting pick! I applauded her vision. :D This is what it turned into:
Not much different but now covered in sassy heart DP. She is not the biggest fan of pink so she chose brown to accent it. I ran off a bigger version of the unicorn for her to color and add to the tissue box then I trimmed pieces of ribbon so she could edge it all around. By this time though she was so tired and asked me to do it for her. Poor thing!
See that card on the left? She made it all by herself for her teacher using the basket weave technique with red, white and black scraps. Very cool, and it's packed up and ready to go!
I'll be posting one of my cards soon for the Club Anya sketch challenge, DS woke up to play while I was starting to put it all together. ;)
Have a wonderful Thursday everyone! One day closer to the long weekend...
*Love and Aloha*


xiumaiyuki said...

These are so cute!!! It's so sweet that your DD is creating! Her card is wonderful. I think I know where she got her talent from! *wink*

Melissa Craig said...

I applaud you Nala! You are just like your Momma!! Great job - these are sooo cute and your classmates & teacher are going to just love them!

Sheri Gilson said...

WOOOO HOOOO Nala~you did an AWESOME job!!!! Your classmates & teacher are going to love them! Can't wait to hear how your party goes!

Sara Strand said...

These are so cute! When I was in school we used to use cereal boxes to decorate. :) Love the tissue box idea though!!

jacque4u2c said...

These are cherished memories you will have with your daughter and a time she will reflect back on with happiness! Great job! Everything perfect!

Lisa Phillippi said...

Really cute! I know she will be so proud that that are handmade!