Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Wha'ts Going On Wednesday

Hi everyone! Yes, it's Wednesday. Time for me to give my inky fingers a break. All that altering is so much fun but I always tear up my craft room like a Taz Devil. I have to clean up my space again and plan out meals for the rest of the week. I try to do that on Sunday but I have been lazy.
In the meantime, I wanted to do a couple of things on my to do list:
#1 Invite you all to come join in on the fun at Mel's Super Saturday challenge! Can you use 3 CB folders on one card? I bet you can...I want to see them in our gallery under BLOGC2 on SCS. Mel has good stuff to give away!
#2 Thank everyone for their awards, it means so much to me since my blog is only a month old! As required, I pass this on to 7 others whose blog I frequent and enjoy reading.

1. Rose Lilya 2. Annie 3. Mel 4. Gabby 5. Lisa Phillipi 6. Sarah 7. Alfred

#3 Sarah and Gael both tagged me and I am following their requirements. You pull up your 5th folder and pick your 5th picture off of your computer, then tag 5 people. (It's supposed to be the 6th-6th-6 but some of the girls changed it for obvious reasons.)
I was smiling when I found this one of my oldest son last year. He looks so little compared to his 5'6" 13 year old self right now. It was his first year ever in football and he and DH (who is a head coach)just got into an argument on the sidelines about how he wasn't focusing. Look at how mad he is! This picture ended up in a touchdown (one of many since). I loved seeing this again as it made our local newspaper. If they only knew the story behind it...
So now I am tagging the following people:
1. Melissa
2. Annie
3. Teresa
4. KelliJo
5. LJ

And finally...What's going on with YOU? :D
Have a great day!
*Love and Aloha*


chica21b said...

Hi Joni what a great award!!! Hope you're having a great week, weekend is almost here!

Lisa Phillippi said...

Wow! thanks for the award! What a handsome hunk of a son you have! Oh, I got my goodies in the mail today-Thanks sooo much! I will be having fun playing with new toys!

Sarah Bennett said...

I guess I am just too "new" at blogging! I don't understand the award thing. And I hate to be presumptuous, so I won't even assume you could mean Sarah as in "me", lol!
But as for the pic of your son- it's a great one! And it even made it into your newspaper- how cool that must have been for him- and your whole family! Glad you had fun with the tagging!