Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Happy Tuesday!

Thank you all for your sweet comments on my dragons on Sunday's post. Make sure you go and get him for yourself, he's so much fun to color! You can't help but smile when you're bringing him to life. Dustin also has an awesome set of 5 cute digi Easter bunnies for $2.
Speaking of Easter, I was bored and wanted to lighten up my blog. The dark background was bothering me so I thought I'd let my chickadee friends welcome you all into Spring. What do you think?

Today I wanted to share something that I made for a friend. She's an HK fan so I thought I'd surprise her with some happy mail. :D
Since it's officially en route, I figured it would be okay to post a picture. At first I wondered if it was a little cheesy using a puffy sticker on it (Ack! I know, right?) but the more I tinkered with it, I decided it was a thumbs up.
It's a band-aid tin, so I included some Hello Kitty band-aids. This could easily hold some other fun stuff for her car, purse, or even in her craft room. I hope she likes it!

Have you heard? Christy Croll is giving away a custom stamp made just for one lucky winner. How neat is that? Click HERE to see her blog entry and enter your name in her random drawing by posting a comment. What a fun giveaway! (Thanks Anita for the heads up.)

It's going to be another beautiful day out, so a neighbor and I are planning on taking our kiddos out to Mount Vernon to see the baby animals (George Washington's estate is all of 5 minutes away from my house). After that we're having a little picnic at Pirate Park nearby (okay, it's just a playground with a pirate ship, but it sounds cooler when you call it that). Hope you all have some plans for a wonderful Tuesday.
Here's a fun question for you - if you had to choose an actor to be your partner in a reality show, who would you pick? I would have to say Dwayne Johnson for me. Even if we lost in the show, I would have already considered myself a winner. ;) haha! Happy day everyone!
*Love and Aloha*


Melissa Craig said...

Hi Joni - I love the new look, it's bright and cheery. I liked the other blog look, too.

Your HK tin is adorable. These are great for little survival kits for the car. The puffy sticker is cute.

Have fun today! I'd always wondered where Mount Vernon was.

Jen said...

Hi Joni,
What a cute little tin!
Hope you have a wonderful day, it's not so warm over here in the UK.
Jen x

Jessica G. said...

What a fun altered tin; you wouldn't believe how many tins I have hoarded away to be used for great gift ideas like this one!

Cute blog background -- it made me smile and I haven't even had my coffee yet this morning!!

Anonymous said...

I love the New Look! So Springy! :D

Leslie Mc.

Janna said...

Joni! This is just adoable!!! I love the puffy hello kitty sticker! How cute is this!! What a great idea as well! When you have kids you always need bandaids on hand! Love the new background as well! Perfect for spring! Hope you have a great day today! It is rainy here so probably won't be out much. So of course I am totally envious! LOL!

I would have to go to the old standby Brad Pitt! Can't help myself1 He just gets better with age!


**CrEaTiNgWiThAlOhA** said...

HK is too cute and the background is awesome. Hope all is well..take care...A Hui Hou Liann

Sheri Gilson said...

Hi Jones,

Love the new look~very Springy!

Your HK Tin is adorable!!! It brings me back to my childhood since I was a big HK freak!!! Sizzix just came out with some adorable HK dies. I picked up a couple at the scrapbook convention.

Have fun with the kiddos today!

Tammy said...

OMG...this is so cute! You can never go wrong with HK.
And...you know I'm obsessed with chubby birds and owls. So I LOVE your blog background. Just puts a great big smile on my face.
I just want to scoop them up and play with them. :-)

Denise said...

I am sure she will love this! It is so cute.

Ann said...

Joni, this is totally adorable, and I'm sure she'll love it!

I love your chicky bg, too! ;)

Lisa Phillippi llelsik@aol.com said...

TOO stinkin cute- I LOVE it!