Tuesday, July 24, 2012

My no-border tutorial {attempt!}}

Happy Tuesday everyone!
I've been asked about a tutorial for the no-border technique so I thought I'd share it with you all.
Forgive the quality of the pics, as Saturday was quite overcast
and I normally rely on natural light in my craft room. :)
Major Disclaimer: I do not use your typical, recommended skin tones.
I happened to come across my own mix of copic colors which I am sure is SO wrong,
but I happen to like it for the time being. ;)
I've listed them for reference but I am sure it will make some experts gasp. lol!
Here it goes, step by step!

Ink up your image in a light color
(I use Pretty in Pink by Stampin' Up or Memento Angel Pink)
at first it may look like a project gone wrong:

Start coloring in your main base of skin tone (R00):

Now fill in your other layer of skin tones (YR00 and E95 for shading):

I know she's looking kind of funny, right?
Especially since that picture came out the WORSE and there was no way I could go back. ;)
But grab a good fine point pen and draw in the details (Copic multiliner .5):
Now start coloring in the hair (100, N7, N4):
(See? She looks better already. heehee! And I moved to a different part of my table...)

I like to 'flick' my copics and follow the direction of the original lines,
which I think keeps the 'movement' of the hair (100, N7):

Fill in the white part with your lightest color (N4):

Work in small sections to keep your copics wet which blends best.
Here is another part of her hair:
{part 1}

{part 2 blended}

And then the rest of it:

Now the fun part!
Start working on her other details (eye shadow, cheeks -R93, and swimsuit):

As well as the other important stuff:

And now you're done! :)

So there you have it, Cheeky in all her no-border splendor.
I hope you all give it a try - it's a very rewarding technique!
I also like to keep the original image with outline close at hand, for reference.
This really helps when drawing in the details with the multiliner and defining the different areas.

Have a great day everyone!
Thank you so much for coming by. :)


Trina said...

The coloring and card both look fantastic!

Rhonda Miller said...

Thanks for the tutorial. your coloring is great and the card is so cute.

thumbelina said...

Thank you for sharing this great technique! Great coloring!

Anonymous said...

Good morning! I saw your card on The Greeting Farm blog. Excellent work with coloring. I'm pretty new to crafting and your work inspires me! Do you only use Copics or do you also use colored pencils? I hear so many different ways to color images...but I'm on a budget.

Thanks for the morning dose of inspiration!
Suzanne H