Friday, January 23, 2009

It's Get-Oh Fabulous Friday!

Hello everyone, today's entry kicks off another (cold) weekend! I had the nicest comments regarding my get-oh storage ideas and a couple of PMs on SCS asking me to post a few more.

One day I will have my very own craft room, but for now I am in our roomy 2 car garage that we carpeted and converted into a craft space/playroom for the girls. I have 2 pegboards above my table that holds all of my quick grabs - stuff that I use all the time. I am a visual person so I need to see what I have hoarded in order for me to use.

Some feel that pegboards are an eyesore, but for $5 it works perfectly fine for me!

Why I love it:
~The hooks and accessories are about $6 for a huge assorted pack, and can support just about anything. In fact, there is a heavy wooden shelf right above the pegboard that displays my current favorite cards.
~I also love it because home improvement stores will customize the pegboard and cut it to the size you need for free.
~Holding up all of my punches are 3 more little hooks as well as a 50 cent wooden dowel. This provides the perfect depth for the punches to sit nicely against the board.
~Merchandising is easy. All of my CB folders are on binder clips and hooks.
~Very minimal wall damage. I have 6 little nails that are holding up my entire habit. (Find the studs in your wall first, very important!)
I hope this sparks some ideas for organization in your own craft space.
Today is the last day to enter into Super Challenge Saturday. Please upload your character inspired card into SCS' gallery under BLOGC1. I can't wait to see it!
Have a wonderful and safe day~
*Love and Aloha*


Joanne Travis said...

That's a great organizational system! I have a curtain rod for my punches that my husband just raised his eyebrows at and wisely said nothing :) Works for me!
Have a great day, Joni!

Jennifer Talley said...

I live your peg board. I would totally love to have something like that!

Anonymous said...

Hi Joni, Calling in from the blurfing thread...Love your use of wall space. A lot of the time we ignore all that lovely space. I am like you...very visual...If it is hidden away...tough...I forget about it and it does not get used!

Kim Scheerer said...

Peg board...who would of thought. I totally need this! Goes on my "honey to do list" :o)

Gabby said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE your Get Oh Fabulous storage! Can I go live with you???

Lisa Phillippi said...

Im dreaming of having a studio, but for now I stamp in my kitchen...and its usually a chaotic mess! Good thing I don't cook much!

laos348 said...

What a wonderful storage idea. I'm busy myself trying to get organized!

Melissa Craig said...

I picked up some Kitchen wall storage stuff that Home Depot was clearancing... it's still sitting on the floor waiting for me to decide if I'm going to paint the room. Love your idea Joni!

Susan said...

I love your peg board!! I am going to have dh do this for me!! Thanks for sharing!

Sheri Gilson said...

Love your pegboard idea~I wish I had the space for it.

Unknown said...

Fab idea. Love yoru pegboard. Wonder if I can add one of those to my dining room wall? Can't see my DH going along with that somehow!

Alison Anderson said...

Great pegboard! That may be next organizational move!