Wednesday, January 14, 2009

What's Going on? Wednesday

Hello! I have decided to use my Wednesdays to relax. So instead of a craft entry, my question of the day is, "What's going on?" with you, that is! This will give me a chance to hear your plans for the rest of the week/weekend and take a break from my messy craft room. Whether it's a craft project, school meeting, pampering, copic experimenting, I want to hear about it. One of my favorite things is to get to know people. I believe that if everyone took the time to do so, the world would be a much safer place.Who knows? Saying hello could make all the difference in their day. I guess it's the Aloha spirit that I grew up with.

My plans for the weekend? Stay right where I am at. I live in the VA/MD/DC area and this place is about to get cah-razy. The Inauguration is next week and practically every bridge, road, parking lot and highway will be closed down. There is indeed a buzz in the air! I am not stating any political preferences but the reason why it is so exciting for me is because I never dreamed I would live so close to the nation's capitol. My hometown on Kaua'i is teeny tiny, coming from there to here is BIG! I took my family to DC when they were visiting a couple of years ago. We took a lot of pictures, but the most memorable ones are of my mom in front of the monuments and the White House. You could just see the glow in her face. The fifteen minute drive up there was well worth it. ;)
I am also going to stamp, alter more Vday projects, finish (start) some swaps, organize, and hang out with the family. With the two extra days off I am just going to love having all the kiddos and DH home. :D
So...What's going on for your week?
*Love and Aloha*


laos348 said...

Wow - talk about a buzz in the air for sure!! This weekend I'm going to just try to stay warm. By tomorrow they are talking negative numbers for temperatures. Other than that, both kids have birthday parties to go to this weekend and Monday is a day off from school - not sure what we're doing yet for that.

Ann said...

Well, today is a SNOW DAY! :D That means I get to do some crafting, catch up on cleaning and grading papers, and make a yummy crockpot meal for dinner.

The rest of the week will be spent finishing up the work week and indoors under the covers--it's supposed to be dangerously low temps outside until Friday night. I'm looking forward to more crafting over my three-day weekend. :D

Sheri Gilson said...

Well, today I had to work but I am off tomorrow so I am hoping to play a little in my craftroom and get my birthday thank you's done and get working on my Valentine's. I am also hoping for some play time this weekend between chores and family time. Kyle is also off on Monday so I get a three day weekend too!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi,I worked a half a day today - I am 23 weeks pregnant and wasn't feeling well. Saturday I will work at the church "Grace Basket" helping others in need with free groceries,then taking daughter to sign up for spring softball. Sunday will be church. I also want to throw in some craft time. God Bless!

Melissa Craig said...

I worked today. I rushed home to pick up DD for dance class. I did a little shopping at Wal-Mart and then worked very little on my cards that I have to get done.

I did update my blog with a new picture and now I'm off to bed.

Sarah Bennett said...

I can just imagine how wonderful those pictures must be of your Mom in Washington, DC! How exciting that must have been for her, and what great memories for you!

bsgstamps4fun: Barb Gault said...

Hi neighbor! You are so right about things about to become crazy here. So glad we are retired and don't have to try to get into the city on Tuesday, with all the bridges closed! My dear SIL is stationed in Anacostia but has the long weekend due to the Inauguration. We will all stay home, watch it on tv and stay WARM!