Monday, May 4, 2009

Where did Saturday and Sunday go?

Hi everyone! Has anyone seen my weekend? I seem to have lost it somewhere. I hope yours went well, no allergies, no worries, no swine flu...Honestly though, make sure you wash your hands. My kids are so tired of me telling them that but it's the best defense to all the yuckies going around. I know everyone thought I was a prude in church because I kept using Purell whenever we shook hands to greet each other.
But no yuckies here, just a quick overview of what's going on with all these fabulous companies that I love:

~The Digi Shack's color challenge is still going on! Make sure you hop over HERE to see what the DT did with summer sun, certainly celery, and gray. You know you have those colors in your craft space just begging to be used...come on, take 'em out and play along!

~Modern Sugar Blvd. has a trillion new releases. Seriously! There is a style for everyone in their store, with the cutest line up of babies, sassy sugars, and a little village of fun stores. Click HERE to see what all the fuss is about. And more importantly, there are 3 new MSB images - click HERE to see Precious Prayer, with all proceeds going to Kayleigh Freeman's family. If you'd like to read more about their incredible journey of faith and hope, click HERE to see their story. (And be ready with some tissues...)

~In addition, Paper Makeup Stamps is joining this cause as well. Katie (the owner) asked her incredible designer Diem to create an image for Kayleigh. This beautiful digi fairy can be found HERE, with all sales being donated to the Freemans as well.

~And finally, The Greeting Farm released all of their latest stamps last week as well as some adorable DP. I don't know what's left in the store besides the digis (only because they're unlimited - haha!) but be sure to check out her new line of stamps HERE.

For today, I have a full peek of a card using another MSB image that will be released soon. This is Light Up Gal, an original image that we were given for round 2 of the Design Team call. Trust me, it doesn't look like this card was even made by me:

Haha! See what I mean? I am soooo not a frilly romantic girl!!! Never have been. Take me out for some nachos then to a football game and I'll marry you. LOL! I realllly had to think outside my sweat pants box when I saw her. She's so Harlequin Romance novel book (never read those either) and has such a delicate look.

When I was contemplating on what to do with her, I considered making her part of a Christmas card. Great idea right? Except that the only DP I had for winter was blue and covered with fat penguins. haha! So instead, I tore apart my hummingbird oops card (remember that crazy one?) and rearranged it for her. I paper pieced her dress, and although there's huge scalloped ruffles on the original image, I cut those out and used a lacey ribbon instead. The sentiment is from TGF's Light Up set and I had to channel my inner Cheryl Walker to come up with some fancy bow for an embellishment. ;) (To see Cheryl Walker's bows, click HERE to her blog - they're incredible!) I will be sure to let you know when she is up for sale. (Light Up Gal that is, not Cheryl Walker...)

So I have a bunch of things in my head that I want to get done today. I also have a bunch of sweet kiddos who need my tlc so they will be my priority. :D I wanted to thank you all for coming by to read about Dustin Pike on Friday, I had soooo many hits this weekend because of him! There was a lot I didn't know about Dustin before the interview so I was excited to share his fun bio. Congrats to his new DT, I can't wait to see what they come up with (there's even a guy on there!). Have a wonderful Monday everyone, enjoy this first week of May, and wash your hands. ;)
*Love and Aloha*


Melissa Craig said...

Such a pretty card! So much going on - thanks for sharing.

CRYSTAL said...

Beautiful card....I actually channeled the inner "sappy" self for my post today... I'm with you, I'm so not the romantic type. I love a great ball game, nachos (Yummm), and no romance novels for me either....a great crime drama is what I like. Hope you are healing and have a great Monday!!!

PaperCrafty said...

Very pretty card~love how you did her dress!

Kerry said...

Oh Joni, the card is so beautiful, I love the detail of her dress. So pretty.

Jackie said...

Joni...your card looks so wonderful! I was doing the Purell thing at Elmo Live : )How funny, but, you are SO more germies in the house.

Angie said...

Great card, and we've been washing our hands lots too! But the allergies pretty much kicked my butt this weekend. UGH, thank the good Lord there is such a thing as Claritin. I'm better today, but still not breathing as well as I'd like. I loved your interview of Dustin. I'm so glad you turned me on to his images! I have a bunch of his free ones, and looking forward to them becoming rubber!

Cheryl Walker said...

Joni, you are toooo sweet, and that you for posting about my bows :)

LOL I figured you were talking about the card and not me...LOL im still laughing good thing the only ones here are my kittys and they just look at their mom like (whats up) LOL

Anyways love your card and good luck with the second round, that is awesome!!!

Also wanted to say I love the heading on your blog with the pictures on the houses and the Greeting Farm Anyas, how sweet!!!! You did an awesome job on all of them!!!!! :)

Well I do hope you have a wonderful day hun!!!

Hugs to ya!!

Becky in East Tennessee said...

I love it! And I too, am soooo excited for Dustin's challenges! CONGRATULATIONS TO YOU AS WELL!

Ann said...

OMG, nachos, sweat pants box, Cheryl for sale--you are cracking me up! Nice job going outside your comfort zone on this one.

Valerie said...

beautiful card!