Monday, October 26, 2009

My Sunshine and very Giggly Monday

Hello everyone and happy Monday! What a quick weekend. I don't think that was a whole 48 hours. least we change the clocks this coming weekend! WOOHOO! One more hour to craft! ;)
Today is indeed a Sunshiny day:

Isn't this a neat stamp? It's not often that you see an image that can be very multi-cultural by expression alone. She reminds me of a Caucasian friend I had in high school who smiled so big that her eyes would squint. And then she also reminds me of filipino relatives that I have, as well as one of my college roomies who was Japanese. lol! See how cool that is?
Here is a closer look at her outfit:

I added liquid app to the bottom of her dress for a sweet ruffle, stickles for a glittery scarf, and check out those Ugg boots. haha! I fun flocked it so that she could be warm and fuzzy. ;)
Now go and see what the S&G girls have done with new images from Janice's shop!

☼ Nicole  ☼ Melissa  ☼  Jennifer   ☼ Janice (owner)

And now for my other sunshine news, my sweet DS (in red) turned 12 yesterday! Hapy Birthday Jaylen!

They just got back in from playing football with a bunch of friends. He opted to not have a party and hang outside with everyone in the neighborhood. Ah, sweet and simple! We did have cake though, and yes, he is quite big for his age, almost 5'10" and 180lbs. Kalil gets teased about it all the time. ;)
So here's the giggly part of last night. When I asked them to take a picture, they grabbed an old 10x13 of when Kalil was 2½ and Jaylen was only 3 months old...and decided to strike the same pose:

haha! These boys crack me up. I love their sense of humor! Even back then Jaylen was off the growth chart as you can see. ;)
Have a wonderful day everyone, there's an awesome challenge tomorrow for Tuesday Morning Sketches so be sure to come back and check it out!
*Love and Aloha*


Stampin'GHmom said...

Cute card! I love the fluff at the bottom of her dress. Happy Birthday to your boy!

Melissa Craig said...

Very cute - I love how you added the fur to her dress. She's cute.

Speaking of cute... Oh my goodness Jaylen had some yummy cheeks as a baby! He's very handsome now. HAPPY BIRTHDAY JAYLEN!! Very cute grin on Kalil's face.

Liann said...

Love the fluff of the girls dress too cute. Must be the Hawaiian--your keikis are too cute love the brotherly love..happy monday....

bluepoohbear75 said...

Great card. Love the coloring and the fluff. Happy Birthday to your son.

Gabby said...

Adorable card! Love the fluff at the bottom trim of her dress. Kinda like a dress Lizzie wore one Christmas.

Your boys are how even the color of the clothing they were wearing NOW match the picture when they were tatter tots (what I call my kiddies as babies) LOL! Happy Birthday Jaylen!

Nicole said...

LOL! That was so cute! My 19 yr old is 5'4" and 115, he gets teased, too! Love the card and how you dressed her up, so fun! HUGS!

PaperCrafty said...

Very cute!! Love the pics of the boys!! Happy birthday Jaylen!!

Melyssa said...

That is so cute of the boys! They have such a great sense of humor!
Jaylen is big for his age, my son has been teased about his size since elementry. You see he is 13 and only 4'6" and a whopping 75lbs!