Friday, October 30, 2009

Starbucks delivered through your computer

Happy Friday everyone!
Just wanted to remind you all that on November 1st Inktegrity is having our first Blog Hop! We are so excited, it's been quiet around here as the Design Team is busy working on their individual projects. Yes, individual!
But I did want to remind you all that we are having a Mug contest going on right now. The winner will receive the entire collection of November 1st's release so make sure you come and play. You can find the free mug and link HERE.
This is my little inspiration that I made:

Ahhh, it is the little things that make life big! Every morning I blog hop with a cup of chai and when I feel really daring, I add some whipped cream and cinnamon. :D It's a great little ritual that keeps me happy.

I guess this is a good time to do a quick product review comparing Liquid Applique and Tulip 3D dimensional puffy paint.
For this project I used the Tulip paint as the whipped cream covered a larger area and I didn't want to use up my all of my liquid app. I heated the paint with my embossing gun and lo and behold, it puffs up exactly like applique! One thing that is neat with both of these products is that you can 'shift' the direction that you want it to puff just by moving your embossing gun around. The middle of the whipped cream was not puffing up as much as I wanted to so I heated it up from the back of the card.
After I was done, I gently pressed on the paint in areas that were a bit too puffy. I tried this once with liquid app and had to be a bit more gentle, but these are both very forgiving to work with. :D
Here is a closer look at the whipped cream:

I wish there was an olfactory button on this computer as the little specks is actually coffee scented embossing powder! Mmmm...this was a joy to work as it smells like a coffee shop when it heats up. ;)
Now come on and show us your mug! The contest ends Saturday night (tomorrow) at midnight EST, and I will announce the winner at the blog hop on Sunday. Click HERE to get your own free mug and see more inspiration. Come on over and play along!
Have a wonderful and cozy Friday everyone!
*Love and Aloha*


Janell J said...

Really nice card looks good enough to drink!!

Melissa Craig said...

This looks so yummy! This is such a fab technique and so economical. The mug looks fantastic printed on the paper - look out Longaberger, Joni's designing prettier crockery! Haha!

Looking forward to the blog hop.

PaperCrafty said...

Looks yummy Joni!! Thanks for the tips on the tulip puffy paint!! I need to get some!!

Lelia said...

Well that is awesome, Joni! I love that you added "cinnamon" to yours! Too cute! Makes me want to go have some hot chocolate! :O)


RiNNE said...

Oh MY! That looks SO real! Wonderful job! And thanks for linking the free stuff!

Debsg said...

Oh wow. I wanna scrape off the froth and lick my fingers!

Jenny said...

Looks Yummy.I just checked out Whimsie Doodles and I love their stuff. I can't wait to try out this mug. TFS.