Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Do you remember this?

Hi everyone and happy back-to-reality Tuesday. heehee! I was so caught up in the long weekend that yesterday just flew by. sigh. The nicest part of a long weekend is that this will be a short week! Yeah!
So back to my question if you remember this card (no worries if you don't!):

I made this card for the Twilight Tuesday hop the day New Moon came out in theaters. Well I have received a handful of emails asking me if I was going to release the vehicles that I drew for this card. Eeek! I was so honored that some of you wanted them!
Well all Twi-fans know that Bella's truck is the only vehicle that stayed the same in New Moon (oooh those rich Cullens!) so I will be releasing it on February 1st as part of a Valentine's Day set. Thank you all for making my day with those requests! I've even cleaned it up a bit. Now I did debate on releasing Emmit's Jeep as well, but I didn't know if anyone was interested? Let me know as I have some fun sentiments that I could make for it.  
Have a wonderful day everyone! I wish you many happy moments all day long.
*Love and Aloha*


PaperCrafty said...

I have had the honor of getting a sneak peak of Bella's truck...VERY CUTE...you won't be disappointed!! I would love to see Emmit's truck too!!

RiNNE said...

Of course, I'd love anything you'd create! Thanks soo much!!!

Martha said...

OMG, I so want this.... how cute!!!

Mrs Weyremaster said...

OMGosh that is so cute, i need bella's truck :)

Kerry said...

OMGosh Joni, this is awesome!

Pam Varnell said...

This is totally darling Joni and congrats on making the truck into a stamping image. Yay!!!