Friday, January 8, 2010

Sharing some snow

Hi everyone and happy Friday!
As a little change up, I decided to post a few of my favorite Snow collection before they go into their storage bins. These are 3 of my all time favorites. (Omgosh, I counted my snowmen this year and it was a ridiculous number. lol!) My wonderful In Laws buy me one ever year. The chubby face skier on the right was one that my FIL chose for me this year. Isn't he sooooo cute? I received the Hawaiian cutie in the middle years ago - I think she's 7yo - from my MIL. She's so sweet (my MIL and Hula Girl!).
The one on the far left is my diva, a must-have find that I bought a couple years ago from TJMaxx when I realized my oldest DD is a shop-a-holic. ;)
I hope this brought a smile to your face! Enjoy this beautiful day, I have the kiddos home for a 2 hour delay with a couple inches of snow outside. Great day to stay in jammies and drink hot chocolate. :D
*Love and Aloha*


PaperCrafty said...

These are too cute Joni!! I love Snowman too!! I love your Hula Frosty!!

Rhonda Miller said...

Sooo cute. I love the Hula snowman (woman).

NinaB said...

What adorable snowmen you have, Joni. I esp love the middle one :-).

Sparkle said...

I love your hula snow woman! :)

Melissa Craig said...

Cute cute cute! I love them all - but I haven't met a snowman yet that I didn't like.