Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Snap It!

Hi friends and Happy Wednesday!
Have you ever run across something so fabulous that you just wanted to share it with everyone? Well I was honored when Julia Taylor contacted me to try this new software out. Snap It Screen Capture is an amazing program that lets you take pictures of your computer screen. I know that some of you savvy bloggers can do this with your great computers with sites like, but I never new the trick. ;)
Now I can show something like this:

How cool is that? I even took a picture of the Snap It software at the very top.
This is such a neat tool, all you have to do is press a button and select the area of the screen that you'd like a 'photo' of. Save it to your desktop and presto! It's amazing!!
Now I know you may wonder why you'd need something like this if you can just right click and save a picture, or copy and paste text. I happen to run a blog for my DH's football team and I pull articles about them from Washington Post and other sources that I give credit to. If I copy and paste the info, it just comes out as text like this (courtesy of

Football leaders

Rank Name School Total
1 Crusoe Gongbay Rockville 692
2 Dominique Terrell Osbourn 633
3 A.J. Bright Pallotti 557
4 Kevon Jones Bullis 551
5 Ryan Baldiviez Model 548
6 Eddie Cunningham Seneca Valley 539
7 Darren Holbrook Ballou 498
8 Rachid Ibrahim Avalon 492
9 Jacob Wright Manassas Park 489
10 Cameron Boyd Forest Park 455

BUT when I use my Snap It software, I can get this:

AMAZING!And so much more professional!
Are you ready to try this software? There is a free download trial version HERE on their site. If you play around with it, PLEASE let me know so I can tell Julia that the word is spreading! She'd love for you to write a review and let everyone know how cool this tool is for bloggers or if you have your own website.
Have a super day everyone, I'll see you back here tomorrow! ♥

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