Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Our new home (part 1)

Happy mid week Wednesday everyone!

One of the main reasons why I love walking through neighborhoods is so I can see other people's homes in more detail. lol! And I guess the benefits of cardio helps too. ;) We recently moved further down south 20 miles from where we lived on base, we pretty much outgrew the home we were in and although I loved the ranch style layout, I am actually quite happy with 3 floors here in this new place.

First an explanation about our rental. It was truly that. The other homes here on our street are owned, and it is evident by the way they maintain their manicured yards and happy plants. We walked into a property with overgrown bushes, patchy grass, and a house that needed lots of love and a good scrub. While it's only been a month, I am so happy to say that we're getting closer to really settling in!

The front of the house needed trimming, weed eating, pruning, and some happy plants. I really wish we took before pictures but here is what it looks like so far:

Hubby is a huge yard guy, so he loves seeing all the baby grass popping up in front of our flagstone border! My impatiens are happy too, as they are under a big beautiful oak tree.

Our 2 story foyer has a beautiful ledge for decorating. I promised Brown I won't go nuts decorating it as it is about 10 feet high, but I think I'm going to have fun at Christmas. :)

One of four bathrooms (FOUR! Woohoo!)

Kids' bright bathroom :

Basement and kids' playroom:

We are currently in the process of elimination, since there are toys that never get any love in this room. We'll also be adding a futon or couch to the right of the red chair; there is a large area that has our big screen tv and bookshelves. I have a handful more of pictures (including my new craft room!!!) that I will post next week.
I will also be posting a few things that I've re-done, re-purposed, and some fun finds for anyone who loves a good bargain.
I hope you had a fun tour, grab some refreshments in the dining room! ;)


Rhonda Miller said...

Looks like a nice house. I like the playroom, that's what we need at our house (besides a craft room, lol).

Wanda Cullen said...

Lovely house with great curb appeal - lol! Can you tell I like to watch HGTV?!