Monday, April 27, 2009

Happy Musubi Monday!

Haha! Got your attention right? Hi everyone, I hope your weekend was wonderful!!

Regarding my post title for the day, you either know what I am talking about or have no idea what language I am speaking. ;) Anyone who has spent some time in Hawaii has come across a musubi, which is a kind of sushi. It made news recently when President Obama went back home for a vacation. It's basically cooked and sweetened rice (with mirin), your choice of meat, and wrapped with nori. Here's what it looks like, done 'local' style:

Although you can use teriyaki chicken and even a thin omelet in between the rice, my kids love it with spam. YES! I said Spam. haha! Unlike the bad rep that it gets here in the contiguous United States, it's actually a staple back home. Scoff if you may (DH does it, but my MIL says that she cooked it all the time while raising her kids), but you can't knock it until you try it! Especially my version. ;) My boys are the pickiest eaters but they request this all the time. It's like a meal that you can hold in one hand. lol! So that's what a musubi looks like IRL, this is what it looks like on a card:

Isn't that a cute image?!?! Thanks Renae for my happy mail!! My order from Two Scoops Rice came in last week and I think this is the sweetest kawaii stamp. I am getting my friend a musubi maker and sending this off as a thank you for hanging out with us the other week. She lived in Hawaii for a number of years and her kids love local foods. The sentiment is from SU, and so perfect as I am including a can of spam and a package of white rice in her box. haha!

Thank you all so so so much for your birthday wishes to Izzy! We had an incredible weekend, the weather was super hot - just the way I like it. The whole neighborhood was bustling with activity, we even took Izzy on a little birthday parade through the housing area. I pulled him in a wagon while the girls waved - Ms. America style - to everyone. hahaha! We're a kooky bunch. We came home, had everyone shower, then sat down for his cake and ice cream.

Here he is getting ready and wondering what the commotion was all about:

And here he is after he realized how worth the wait was:

Mmmm...I've created a chocolate monster. ;) It was everywhere! I think he ate only about a teaspoon of the actual cake. haha!
I also let Izzy pick a number out of his hat, that was no longer on his head as you can see...Congratulations #6 - Jessica aka The Whimsical Butterfly! Send me your real addy and I will get this off to you!
Thank you all so much again, I really appreciated all the happy comments, it means so much to me. I am going to print them out and post it in his scrapbook so one day he can ask why I didn't have actual friends. LOL!! JK!

Okay, before I go, just a few things:

1) The Digi Shack's color challenge is going on - awesome color combo of Summer Sun, Certainly Celery and Going Gray. Click HERE for the deets.

2) Mel's Super Challenge Saturday is up and running with a fun twist, see post below for more deets.

3) Modern Sugar Blvd. is busy busy busy with their debut, I have posted their weekly schedule in my sidebar for everyone (meaning me) to keep track.

And finally, I have soooo many fun things planned this week! I can't stand it!! And no, I didn't apply to any more DTs. LOL! So hopefully you'll come back and check in. Until then, have an absolutely perfect Monday everyone!
*Love and Aloha*


Melissa Craig said...

Spam, huh?

Very adorable card! That is just way too cute.

Izzy looks like he had an awesome time! Thanks for posting the pics.

Gael said...

That image and card is so cute, especially after you introduced it with that story. (When I was a kid I liked Spam, too!)

Looks like Izzy enjoyed his cake! What fun!!

Liann said...

your spam looks ono so nice of you to share it with all of us. i like it with chicken and egg too. The card is adorable, your birthday parade must have been a hoot.

Angie said...

I love, LOVE, love Spam musubi! I actually have some spam in the pantry right now and I wish I knew how to make musubi! But even if I did, I don't think we have any of the nori here. Well, congrats to Jess and Izzy for his bday!

Gramrussell said...

Well besides enjoying your work, I have also learned something! Plus, the birthday pics are the cutest!

Ann said...

Your card is adorable, and Izzy is a cutie pie as always--both with & without the chocolate layer! ;)

Heather said...

Hi Joni,

I enjoyed reading your post!!!! I remember them from when we lived in Hawaii!!

I am sorry I am so behind on comments on my favorite blogs I have not been anywhere so I have decided to go look at all the wonderful creations but to start from skratch so I am doing that!!!

Now off to see what other amazing creations you have shared since I have been gone!!!


Dee said...

The card is so cute and thanks for the lesson on Musubi :) I love things like this that I don't know about. Also such cute pics of Izzy too, you guys look like you had a blast. And YES I saw myself in Dustin's Fav blogs...I almost had a heartattack hehehehe I was so flattered and still am. I can't believe it lol!!!!

Kerry said...

The Musubi looks really yummy! I have a can of spam in my cabinet. I should make some... Cute pictures from Izzy's B-day party! Such an awesome card, I love the image. I actually just received my order today, so excited. Can't wait to ink them up.