Tuesday, April 28, 2009

A new image in its entirety!!!

Hi everyone! First off, I am so giddy with the comments on Musubi Monday. I was amazed at how many of you were familiar with it! Now don't be afraid to come over to my house, I promise I won't sneak spam in your food. haha!

For today I have something really exciting to share with you. Candie from Modern Sugar Blvd. is letting us show you an image that has not been released yet. YES! In its entirety!! No more sneaky deaky peekys, this is the real thing. Cool, huh? There will be a new set of images released next month...Wowza, the month of May starts Friday! Where in the world did April go?

Here is an altered item using a soon-to-be released image from MSB:

Look at that sassy washer and dryer!! DH was going to buy me a front loading set in burned orange for our anniversary one year, but my in laws surprised us with a new (regular) set the summer before. haha!
For my altered item, I used an empty Prima tin container. The nestie scalloped cs was run through the tiny bubbles CB folder. I colored the washer and dryer in grays, glazed them with crystal effects, then added the sentiment that was made on the computer.

Here is what is inside the tin:

What do you think? :D This project was near and dear to me, it had me reminsicing of my own college days. My mom and dad would send me the cutest care packages just when I needed them the most (my mom and dad, that is - although I did enjoy the contents of the boxes! :D). There were always odds and ends: a lotion for my backpack, a roll of quarters for the dorm's laundry room, a book of stamps (hint hint - for me to mail my bills on time - lol!), coupons, gift cards, but always a loving note. I still have many of those notes in a shoebox, and plan to do this one day for my kiddos. :D

I hope you enjoyed this special sneak peek of what Modern Sugar Blvd. is going to be offering! They are already uploading adorable new images for everyone to purchase. Click HERE to go to their blog, and HERE to check out the store. Happy shopping everyone and an even more wonderful Tuesday.

*Love and Aloha*


Melissa Craig said...

Cute cute cute!!! This is wonderful Joni!

CRYSTAL said...

Super cute and such a loving story to reminise about! You are the sweetest thing and I love coming to your blog everyday... I bet you smile all the time.... I see it in your pics and I do in your kids pics too... Keep stamping and smiling!!!!
Ps...thanks for crossing your fingers!!! {wink}

Dee said...

Awesome on this. I love the extra touch of the Bubbles you used for the background :) Love lil details like that. They were perfect for the image. I also love the Story too, my parents did the same and I got stamps and quarters too LOL!!! This really made me laugh -Thanks for sharing it and making me giggle so much! Hugz - Dee :)

PaperCrafty said...

Adorable tin! Thanks for the sneak reveal~too fun!

xiumaiyuki said...

cute cute stamps!!! I've never seen washer/dryer stamps...til now. How clever! and your parents are so sweet!!! I annoyed them with "don't forget those li hing mui apple rings/mangos, etc.," heheh

Janna said...

Joni I love it!!!!! Seriously! That sentiment is amazing and I adore that you used the embossing folder to make it look like bubbles!! You are so creative!! And the image is colored perfectly!! I do have to say, I would really prefer to have a real frontloading washer and dryer though! LOL! And the contents are just perfect! That is definitely all stuff you need when you move out for the first time.! Can't tell you how many times I was throwing couch cushions looking for quarters! LOLQ!



Judi M said...

What a clever little care package. The sentiment is just right for these stamps, and the CB folder worked great for those bubbles, too.

Heather said...

Hey Joni,

I forgot to tell you yesterday that My Mother In Law alwasy cooked a special Spam sandwhich for Christmas Eve. Last year for the State Fair my Hubby Decided to enter the State Fair Contest Spam Cook off and use his monthers recipe but tweek it some. We had to try his spam concoctions for months!!!!

So we are well used to spam here too!!! LOL Spam for Christmas????

Those images look really cute too!!!


Ann said...

Such a cute little care package! Reminds me of my college days, too...I could never have too many quarters!