Saturday, April 11, 2009

My FUN news!

Well girls, we are up to THREE lucky duckies for my 'Wishful thinking blog giveaway'! Have you entered yet? Click HERE to post a comment - it's not too late!

To recap, I was giving away a set of goodies just because I am feeling the love of all this blogging sisterhood. It's incredible! I would have started it months ago if I knew how fabulous it was and that people would actually visit me. LOL!! I am blessed with friendships that I've made on SCS, and it just continues here. So thank you for my daily smiles!

Then I decided to offer 2 sets of blog candy if I made round 1 of Modern Sugar Blvd.'s DT call. Well...guess what?!?! I did! Woot woot! Yay us!

And THEN I thought of the golden rule of stamping - an odd number on a card is more pleasant to the eye, right? You know, as in 5 embellis, 3 brads, 15 eyelets. HAHA! (See? I still have caffeine in my body from yesterday!!) So I decided to give away 3 sets of sugar if I actually made a DT position. And guess what? I did! :D I am now officially a DT member for The {Coconut} Digi Shack!! (It's really The Digi Shack, I just like saying 'coconuts' because I'm from Hawaii.) Thank you thank you thank you Toni! I am among GREAT designers and am truly honored. Your digis are so happy!

Okay, so where do we go from here? Modern Sugar Blvd's DT call will be announced on Tuesday, the 14th. If the unthinkable, incredible happens that *heart racing* I make another DT? Then I will draw 4 names from this post HERE using And thank goodness I'll be designing because after going to the PO with these packages, I won't have any moola for stamps. HAHA!

So this is my fun news, thank you for stopping by! As we say in Hawaii - "E Komo Mai" - welcome, come on in, my house is your house. ;) Hope to see you soon! Happy Saturday evening~
*Love and Aloha*


the whimsical butterfly said...

Wow! That is AWESOME Joni! You know I'm rootin' for you, candy or no candy you are awesome! CONGRATS!!!

Maria said...

Whoohoo! congratulations on getting the DT position!! How awesome is that!!

Well good luck . . .hope you make it on another DT . . .I'm assuming you applied for others! Crossing my fingers for you!!!

Hope you and your family have a wonderful Easter!!

Aloha from your Hawaii Sistah!

Angie said...

Congratulatins Joni! You sure deserve it and I know you'll make wonderful stuff for your new DT position.

Ann said...

Wooooohooooooo!!!!! Congrats, girlie, you deserve it! Your work is fabulous!!!

Gael said...

Congrats Joni! You have earned that DT position!! Good luck with #2!!

Kristen said...

Hi Joni,
Gorgeous card, and I look forward to working with you as well. Can't wait to see what ypou come up with!

Kerry said...

Congrats Joni,

I'll keep my fingers crossed for you! :)

The Digi Shack said...

I have no doubt that you'll make the Modern Sugar Blvd. DT! You are very talented and they'd be crazy not to have you :)

Janna said...

Congratulations Joni!!!! I am bursting with excitement for you!!! You are such an amazing talent and so deserving of a design team postition!!! I am so, so happy!!!!