Monday, May 17, 2010


No, not to you! heehee! :D
Happy Monday everyone. I hope your weekend went well? Since we had a ton of activities, I spent zero time in my craft room. But I did want to post these pictures as I am saying a sad sayonara to my sweet birds that we adopted this spring. :(
I posted their story HERE on this post, and knew that within two weeks of their hatching, they would leave us. Here is the shy twin, who stayed back to survey the great big world while mom, dad, and sibling waited on our neighbor's roof:

Perched atop her nest's edge, she waited patiently until our kids left for school. And then she hopped down to say goodbye to me:

Ohhh just seeing this picture makes me want to cry! Her sweet face (if she is even a girl - lol!) was so peaceful and thankful. I couldn't believe how close she let me get to her with my camera. I must admit that I can't tell robins apart from other robins, but we seem to be quite a popular hangout at our bird feeders. I believe this little family pops in every now and then to visit. ;)
Have a wonderful Monday everyone, embrace all of life's little moments and God's beautiful work!


Cara said...

Cute nest!! I didn't craft all weekend either but I had a lot of fun with my family!! Love this nice weather. Have a great week, Joni!!

Lelia Pierce said...

Awww, what a sweet story. How cool that you were able to get so close. :O)


Rhonda Miller said...

How sweet. Thanks for sharing your story.

JR Creations said...

That is a lovely story. We have a few robins here too despite the three cats we have, they are just too clever for them. One in particular is quite cheeky but I love her mainly because my little man calls her his "chicken" robin. Lol!!